Honest Review: Best betting site for e-sports tournaments

If you are familiar with betting on sports teams, you will definitely love betting on E-Sports. Based on the use of computers for mobile phones, E-Sports is a term describing video games that are played by various teams on a competitive level. There are a lot of different things to bet on from the outcome of games, Most Valuable Players (MVP) to even the total score a team has. With a lot of similarity towards normal sports betting, it’s no wonder these forms of betting are starting to become more and more popular.

Based on my own experience, of all the sites and wagers lost due to betting on the wrong teams to even scam sites, I can confidently say that Maxim88 ranks at my number one spot for E-Sports betting. Let’s take a closer inspection to find out.


Security & Trust

After using a lot of sites, a constant headache between these online E-sports betting sites is that the transaction moves very slowly or that the transaction details are lost (which ends up with me losing the sum I’ve deposited or withdrawn). This is highly disheartening especially when there is an impromptu wager that I want to make due to some special circumstances. However, with Maxim88, the transaction will generally go through in less than 5 minutes with a confirmation email sent to my email address. Now I know this sounds sketchy, but I promise you that the site itself is definitely worthy of your trust.



Other than the security of the site, I was actually blown away by the promotions offered. This promotion literally lets me bet with very little risk involved as there are various bonuses with terms and conditions that are appropriate which can be utilized to minimize losses. For Maxim88, the most wonderful promotion is that there is a sum of deposit bonuses (based on the total sum deposited at one go), free bets in which you can get the earnings (no questions asked) and also the VIP & Cashback programs.


Medium of the bets.

To be honest, I’m quite a gamer myself where I’ve dabbled in a lot of competitive game such as:

  • Dota;
  • League of legends;
  • Call of Duty;
  • Overwatch; and many more

As one avid gamer such as myself, I am able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each competitive team. Although there are the general mistakes made, more often than not. I’ll actually choose the winning team and get a lot of money from it. It’s like a literal dream come true.

Customer Support

The last thing I want to talk about is customer support. Although I’ve not used the text features yet, when making calls on any form of enquiry, the Customer support team is always helpful and easy to understand compared to a lot of other platforms.  

If you ever want to try out this platform for E-Sports betting, I would definitely recommend you to stop hesitating and start using it. To open a demo account or get more bonuses, you may use my referral link as below: